Friday, April 1, 2011

Celebrate with Color - Heathrow Country Club Wedding

"Celebrate with Color" was the theme for Ivie and Anthony's wedding day held at Heathrow Country Club.
Guests arrived to rejoice in the couples union wearing the traditional material
for African ceremonies and celebrations called 'Aso Oke'.
The children brought such joy to the day.
Ivie's A-line lace gown flowed gracefully as she walked the aisle with her father
and the bouquets were as bright and happy as she was.
Anthony brings to the union a daughter, and the three become a family.
Blessed with love, they vow to care for each other, always appreciating how fragile life can be.
Husband and wife at last.
The Reception was filled with color and light.
Cake by Cupcake Crazy in Lake Mary, personalized with the couple's
 last name - beautiful detail. 
Photos by KWU Weddings
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Adigun and Sidney!