Monday, April 5, 2010

Mama Announcement - Wedding at the Longwood Community Building

Jeannette Ortega and Roger Serrano couldn't have asked for a more
cooperative day for their wedding.  It rained the day before and the
day after but the day of was all sunshine and warm.  The ceremony
 took place at the Altamonte Chapel. This Historic little chapel seats
95 guests and costs $850.00 including Pastor's fees and rehearsal. 
The reception was in beautiful downtown Longwood at the
Longwood Community Bulding. It is so lovely with antique shops all
around it.  Click the link to view the inside.  I absolutely loved the kitchen.
Jeannette's color palette was, ivory, red and white and the style was Victorian.
Beautiful bride, gown, day and flowers, oh, and this is my favorite shot!
In this shot Jeannette was very patient with the limo driver who was
 complaining that there were too many people for the two limos ordered.
Let me tell you, she calmly explained that they had originally ordered
stretch Hummers and that she graciously allowed the company to change
 them because of their error of double booking.  Boy did he shut up fast!
It was a lovely reception with candlelight to create a soft atmosphere. 
By the end of the night when all was done, there was still much to be said
by Mama.  She took the microphone from the DJ and announced that Jeannette
was who she was because of her.  Oh I have wanted to say that so many
 times to my kids - LOL!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs Serrano 3/26/2010